Who We Are.

  • Launched at COP26 in November 2021 
  • Unlike other rating agencies, it appraises organisations on what they have achieved, rather than what they promise for the future
  • STERA believes that if an organisation has to pay for a rating, it cannot be independent.  By NOT charging, STERA can provide an independent opinion, on any organisation, without fear of losing a customer!  It’s expected that STERA will upset many organisations which publicly portray themselves as taking responsibility for their pollution but whose actions are more akin to “greenwashing”
  • It provides transparency of the extended supply chain. This is where the real damage to the planet takes place
  • The appraisal process is based on keeping it simple, fair, and above all concentrating on areas that offer the largest reductions at the lowest cost. Until every organisation has to produce audited emission figures, it will never be perfect but it will be the best given the circumstances
  • As data accuracy improves so the rating taxonomy will become more sophisticated and thus increasingly challenging for organisations that are rated
  • STERA will work with other organisations which guide commerce and industry to reduce emissions. So much can be achieved with relatively little cost.  
  • STERA is funded by individuals which are concerned for the planet. As it grows, sponsorship opportunities are available from organisations that have a “Good” or “Excellent” rating

STERA (Scope Three Environmental Rating Agency) is the trading name of CP Administration Ltd  Company Number 12744963, with a registered address of 68 Trundleys Road,  London SE8 5JG United Kingdom